Government Is Likely to Lower Hajj Costs in 2024

Government Is Likely to Lower Hajj Costs in 2024

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In light of growing inflation, Caretaker Religious Minister Aneeq Ahmed has alluded to revealing the Hajj policy on November 15. The policy’s goal is to make the holy journey simpler and more accessible.

Speaking at a dinner reception hosted by the Pakistan Business Group Organization, Ahmed disclosed that the government plans to cut costs for the Hajj this year. He underlined the necessity of adhering to the Saudi government’s directions and stressed the continuous implementation of the Hajj Policy since 2004.

Ahmed revealed a significant change in the price of the forthcoming Hajj pilgrimage: it is now less than Rs1,075,000 instead of Rs1,175,000. He guaranteed that pilgrims would have the utmost comfort and convenience, providing them with a private network SIM card and an inexpensive internet data bundle for their 45-day stay in the Kingdom.

The minister acknowledged the difficulties experienced by certain pilgrims with limited time and instituted a Hajj program that lasted roughly 20 days. In an effort to expedite the Hajj process, prospective pilgrims who paid their Hajj dues in dollars were excused from the balloting process.

Every pilgrim would receive a suitcase with a QR code attached to it, enhancing security and enabling safe tracking of both the traveler and their belongings during the Hajj. The ministry also started a program to keep pilgrim women in line by giving them a scarf (hijab) with the national flag on their back.


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