Seller List: How will Pakistanis be able to sell their products on Amazon?

Seller List: How will Pakistanis be able to sell their products on Amazon?

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Seller List: How will Pakistanis be able to sell their products on Amazon?

The news of the inclusion of Pakistan in the list of sellers by Amazon, the world’s most popular company for online buying and selling, has raised hopes of opening up a large global market for Pakistani traders and businessmen.

Pakistani products will now be available on the world’s most popular e-commerce website.

According to Abdul Razzaq Dawood, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Trade, Amazon will add Pakistan to its list of sellers in a few days.

He said in a Twitter message that the government had been in touch with Amazon since last year. This is a great opportunity for our youth, small businesses and business women.

It is to be noted that many Pakistanis had previously been associated with Amazon’s e-commerce services established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. However, they could not register themselves as sellers with their Pakistani addresses and no one in the United States or other the products were sold indirectly through a person residing in the country.

Why is Amazon’s listing a game changer?

Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce Alia Hamza Malik said that Pakistan has crossed a milestone that will be a game changer for the country’s economy and business people.

He said that Pakistan would be included in Amazon’s seller list before Eid and the government has been informed by the company in this regard.

He said that with the advancement of technology, most of the trade around the world has become online and now due to the Corona epidemic, this trend has increased even more. He said that Pakistan has surpassed India and Bangladesh in online freelancing.

Now with the advent of Amazon, our women, new businessmen and the younger generation will do a little research, compare prices by looking at products online and then launch and sell their products on Amazon accordingly.

Asked if the Amazon Marketplace would also be available in Pakistan, ie whether Pakistanis would be able to make purchases from Amazon, he said it would be phased out. At present, Pakistanis will be able to sell their goods all over the world, including the United States. He said that innumerable Pakistanis have contacted him since last day and have shown enthusiasm in this regard.

 Asked how much annual revenue Pakistan expects from Amazon’s listing, he said it is difficult to estimate accurately, but if we look at the example of neighboring India, India has been on Amazon since 2015. About 3000 billion worth of goods have been sold in 17 international markets.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced a 1000 billion investment to digitize small businesses in India as he expects exports from India through Amazon to reach 15000 billion by 2025.

How did Pakistan convince Amazon?

He is also the co-founder of, an e-commerce system associated with various companies in Pakistan, including Google. Badr Khoshnood, who is also a member of the newly formed National e-Commerce Council, told Urdu News that the government has recently taken several steps to promote e-commerce and is in talks with Amazon. In addition to the Pakistani Consulate in Los Angeles, Pakistanis working at Amazon played an important role.

In this regard, Amazon first started a trial with 30 to 40 Pakistani companies a year ago, after the success of which Amazon decided to add Pakistan to the seller list.

He said that now Pakistani companies will be able to sell their products such as towels, shoes, leather jackets etc. by registering with Amazon and selling them all over the world.

Asked if the courier system and logistics system in Pakistan is so modern and efficient that one item would soon reach US buyers from here, he said it would not be possible for one item to be purchased directly from Pakistan. The goods collected from Pakistan will go to Amazon’s warehouse from where Amazon will deliver directly to the buyers. Amazon has 175 warehouses worldwide in this regard.

How will Pakistanis sell products on Amazon?

Badar  Khoshnood said that Pakistanis who want to sell their products will be registered in Pakistan as usual. They will then register on Amazon and the registration service will be available before Eid.

These Pakistani companies have to go through the registration process and then Amazon has its own requirements for what they want to sell. Special quality certification etc. will be sought to ensure that it is of good quality.

“Amazon’s process is constantly changing and improving what is available online. This step will allow you to sell your product. And then they will go to the warehouse and then Amazon will deliver the buyer under its system.

He said that Pakistani business men would be trained in this process. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce and Amazon are in talks to first train the master trainers so that they can then train others. To teach them all these processes.

“It’s going to be a whole network that will help our business figure out how to improve their product image.” And how to give details, how to do ranking? So the process of selling on Amazon is quite scientific, it has to be understood. It must be done in a regular way, not without thinking. All business owners need to understand themselves first and then train their staff as it will compete with business men from all over the world.


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