Pakistan will commence Hajj 2024 flights on May9

Pakistan will commence Hajj 2024 flights on May9

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Pakistan is getting ready to resume its yearly Hajj flights to Saudi Arabia on May 9. In order to serve the thousands of Pakistani Muslims who wish to travel on the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, this project is essential.

The second week of May is when the Hajj flights are expected to start, and they will last until June. This extra time is intended to enable a significant number of pilgrims from Pakistan to visit Saudi Arabia’s sacred locations, giving them enough time to complete their rites and return safely.

The Saudi government has taken a major step by allowing 179,210 pilgrims from Pakistan to make the Hajj, bringing the country’s quota back to pre-pandemic levels.

Additionally, the top age restriction of 65 has been removed, making it possible for more people to participate in this spiritual journey. The Pakistani government held a drawing in December 2023 to choose participants for the Hajj journey in 2024.

More than 63,000 fortunate candidates were chosen from this draw to do the Hajj under the official government program.

The Saudi Hajj and Umrah administration has made it mandatory for all pilgrims to have a smartphone during Hajj season of 2024. This requirement is a part of the ministry’s effort to help pilgrims on their holy pilgrimage by using mobile applications.

A special smartphone application has been released to give pilgrims access to a multitude of information, including as travel and lodging schedules and crucial training films to help them get ready for the journey.

A Saudi telecoms provider is providing free SIM cards with 180 minutes of international calling for each pilgrim.

The Hajj training program’s second phase is slated to start on April 15. This training will take place in 122 different locations around Pakistan, under the direction of a group of 40 qualified specialists.

The purpose of the training workshops is to ensure that pilgrims are adequately prepared, both spiritually and practically, by educating them on the different facets and rites related with the Hajj pilgrimage and offering them complete counsel on new projects.

To guarantee everyone’s health and safety, all pilgrims must have their vaccinations at least 10 days before their planned Hajj flights.

Every participant will receive a collection of necessary materials to help with the pilgrimage journey and to guarantee the pilgrims’ comfort. These consist of a green scarf with the Pakistani flag on it, a suitcase, a hand-carry bag, a shoe bag, and an Ihram beltโ€”a white garment used by pilgrims.

It is estimated that the Hajj pilgrimage in 2024 will occur between June 14 and June 19. It is important to remember that these dates could alter depending on when the moon appears, as the moon sighting signifies the start of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah.

To ensure proper planning and preparation, pilgrims are always advised to confirm these dates closer to the time of the journey.


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