You Tube Crowned Videos of 2014

You Tube Crowned Videos of 2014


As the year coming to an end, Google and You Tube has released their most viewed, liked and favorite videos chart on Tuesday. These videos thrilled the world with their magnificent and breath-taking moments. YouTube always collect the list which based on “shares, views, likes, comments, and many more”, which has marked to represent “the awesome range of artistry” on the site.

The list contains best feature videos which highlights the most bombastic news stories of the year.

Here are some amazing videos which are crowned with people likes, comments and views:

Mutant Giant Spider Dog- The video of a venturous Polish dog who is disguises like a furry, giant spider by his Polish evil master. The strings are like fake webs which horrified the citizens across Underground Railroad.

Nike World Cup-Winner Says- An interesting Nike World Cup Advertisement was the second most viewed video this year as the advertisement base on winner message

“Every touch of the ball proves that football will always belong to those who Risk everything, even when it matters the most.”

The advertisement was featured on top footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar and others on a wonderful music track of Eagles of Death Metal in background.

First Kiss by director Tatia PIliev — The awkward kissing advertisement by Director Tatia PIliev at Wren Studio gave task to 20 strangers to kiss each other. Some known to each other while other feel awkward at this kissing task. The advertisement grew viral on You Tube and reach at 3rd rank in You Tube most viewed and liked videos of 2014.


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