Smoking Alternative ‘E Cigarettes’ How many safe?

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Smoking Alternative ‘E Cigarettes’ How many safe?
San Francisco has become the first American city to ban e-cigarettes sales
But on the other hand, Britain’s National Health Service is using them to help curb smoking, so the question arises that what is the truth about the e-cigarette’s safe being?
How do E-Cigarettes work?
E-cigarettes generally heat the soluble containing vegetable glycerine besides nicotine and propylene glycol. The user consumes its flavors which also contain nicotine, which is the drug factor in the cigarettes.
But nicotine is relatively less harmful to many toxic chemicals such as tobacco smoke, such as tar and carbon monoxide.
Thousands of smokers are killed every year from tobacco in the normal cigarettes, but tobacco contraceptive nicotine is not caused by cancer.
That is why NHS has been using nicotine alternative therapy to help prevent people from smoking in the form of special chewing gum, skin page and spray for many years.
Is there any danger from their use?
UK doctors, specialist’s health, organizations working against cancer and the governments agree that e-cigarettes are very risk compared to the risk of ordinary cigarettes as per present evidence.
According to a review independently
E-cigarette 95% less harmful than smoking. The study report, Written by N. N. Mellell, says’ E-cigarettes can be a ‘game changer’ for public health. However, it does not mean that it is completely empty.
Liquid and steam fumes in e-cigarettes may be very low but potentially harmful chemicals.
An early study in laboratory British scientists found that fever can change lungs of immune cells.
Though research is initially about the potential impact on health, but experts agree that it is less harmful compared to cigarette.


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