Unsustainable development can deter human existence: Dr. Zakar

Unsustainable development can deter human existence: Dr. Zakar

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International Earth Day
Unsustainable development can deter human existence: Dr. Zakar

The unsustainable developmental activities coupled with ruthless exploitation of national resources have badly damaged the ecosystem and rendered human and animal life at the brink of risk, said the internationally renowned Social Scientist and Vice Chancellor University of Okara while talking to his faculty and researchers in an online meeting at the eve of the World Earth Day.
Dr. Zakar observed that since last many years, the scientists had been warning that the technology-driven growth and overuse of resources would endanger human and animal life on the planet but the international policy makers and political leaders ignored it for the greed of power and wealth.
โ€œWe have damaged the earth deeply with overpopulation, overuse of resources and extensive reliance on inorganic farming through fertilizers and pesticides. This pattern of growth is not sustainable. This is the time when politicians and policy makers should pay head to the scientific warningsโ€, said Dr. Zakar.
He argued that in order to cope with the threat of Coronavirus, we were pumping tons of chemicals into earth through the use of soaps and handwashing agents, destroying the climate further.
Dr. Zakar told that the human beings had marginalized the animals for their aggressive expansion and while the world was observing lockdown amid Coronavirus threat, different animals had been spotted moving freely in countryside.
He also stressed the need of controlling population growth in order to achieve the sustainable development goals. โ€œWith more population, we are creating more slums which are hubs of diseases and poverty. Population explosion, deforestation, use of chemicals and overuse of fossil fuels, they all are threats to human existenceโ€, added Dr. Zakar.
The VC advised his faculty to do research, advocacy and awareness campaigns in a bid to inculcate the patterns of sustainable development and growth.


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