UO Imposes Ban on Tobacco and Drugs Use on Campus

UO Imposes Ban on Tobacco and Drugs Use on Campus

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n line with the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) Policy on Drugs and Tobacco Abuse in Higher Education Institutions 2021, the University of Okara (UO) has announced a ban on the use of tobacco and drugs on its campus. A committee has also been constituted in this regard.
The decision was taken by the university administration after observing the increasing trend of tobacco and drug usage among students, which not only poses a threat to their health but also affects their academic performance and social behavior.
The ban will be strictly enforced, and any student found violating it will face disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from the university. The university administration has also made arrangements for awareness campaigns and counseling sessions to educate students about the hazards of tobacco and drug use.
In a statement, the Vice Chancellor of University of Okara, Prof Dr Sajid Rashid Ahmad, emphasized the need for a healthy and conducive environment for learning and said that the ban was necessary to ensure the well-being of the university’s students.
“Drug and tobacco addiction is a serious issue that affects not only the individual but also the society as a whole. It is our responsibility to ensure a healthy and productive environment for our students to excel in their academic pursuits,” he said.
To ensure the strict compliance of this ban, the VC, along with key officials, paid a visit to the entire campus personally.


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