Soon Aahil & Sanam Will Get Into Wedlook

Soon Aahil & Sanam Will Get Into Wedlook


The famous Indian television show Qubool hai is bringing the biggest twist in very soon. Fans of Aahil and Sanam will be become happy with this that Aahil not getting married with Nida.

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On the wedding day Taveer will change her plan after knowing the true face of Nida who is making plan to kill her to snatch her all property. She will get angry and will decide to change the bride of the Aahil but in short time she only find Sanam as the bride. She will put a deal in front of Sanam that if she marry with Aahil she will take care of her Badi Ami and also Haya’s operation all responsibility. Tanveer will offer her that she can start back her Dhaba that will make  agree to Sanam for marriage. Well still Aahil and Sanam both have not confessed her feeling and they will knot tie soon without knowing that they both love each other. On the other side Rehan will get shocked and breakdown by hearing her mother selfish decision to get property over his feelings.

Let’see will Aahil accept Sanam as wife or they both will stay with their tight lips to hide their feelings.


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