Marketing as a career

Marketing as a career

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Marketing as a career

Hafiz Muhammd Usman

It is important that you know that the survival and profit of any company is essential to modify its policies periodically, Otherwise the company may be bankrupt in case of loss. New steps are taken to strengthen the company financially. In such a company, the importance of marketing is very important One who strives hardly and strives to increase his company’s income.

What is the marketing process?

This way to get information about individual and aggregate people that “What is the need for them and what they want, to sell or buy and what is the cost?”, Then the process is called marketing process.

Marketing process consists of four steps

  1. “Analyzing the best opportunities in the market,
  2. Marketing techniques,
  3. Marketing program planning
  4. And to control the efforts in the market “.

To become a successful business person, you should keep information about your competitors and environmental factors, if you are disturbed by these things, you will not be able to stay in the market longer. Whenever a new thing or convenience brings to the market, be careful about the value of what is the same as the market in the same item and how much you sell. Take care of what you are providing at the moment? The biggest goal of successful companies, institutions and businessmen is to satisfy customers’ satisfaction for which they try to provide customers with good and promising things.

for that reason, they have a strong relationship with the customer. Discuss with customers, distributors, dealers and suppliers and make good relationships, which will strong your network in the market. When making any thing, take care of what person will be able to buy it? Marketing functions include ‘saving, selling, transporting, storing, Standardization and Grading, financing, risking, marketing information.

Storage means storage and distribution of products in the warehouses. Controls the weight, size, condition, quality and quantity of the product, called a standardizing and grading.

Any new thing introduced in the market have to take a risk Because the new product is likely to succeed successfully and fail.

Any institution or business person should also pay attention to demand management Because marketing management does not just consider how to increase the demand, but it also thinks how to change or reduce it. For example, the Electric Company advertisement publishes that โ€œBijli Ki bachat hamara qoumi freeza haโ€ (saving energy is our national responsibility), the more the power is used, the more it will be.

The process of reducing or eliminating permanently is called De-Marketing. Create such strategies that not only attract new customers but also existing customers. Make such relationships with customers that they can walk with you for a long time and yes! If a customer gets angry while making a transaction, it is possible that he does not make any transactions with you and also prohibits others, so try to maintain good relations with the customer.

Here are some things to sayย those who know the marketing knower or the degree in it.

When there were no courses or degrees, marketing was still there. As mentioned in the beginning, Marketing play a vital role to develop the company. Therefore, in this article Skill andย by getting a degree you can become a spinal cord in any good company and can make a better future for yourself.

There are several institutions in Pakistan who make MBA in marketing It may not be difficult to get admission in these institutions but if you have to get perfection in this sector, then you have to increase “power expression” If you know others with your mind to think, speak and write, then you can rotate any company round the globe like a ship.

In the world, they are encouraged with their abilities or in common words Somewhere else itself goes sold People see your product later, see it first How much you have the ability to sell it.

The power of expression, presentation and product representation, these are the accessories that start a successful career.


Hafiz Muhammad Usman

Hafiz Muhammad Usman


He had done MS/MBA (3.5) Marketing from Govt College University Faisalabad.He has more than one year experience in Sales&Marketing.He is currently working as a “Sales Officer” in “Fauji Fresh n Freeze”.


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