How to migrate to Canada as a Transportation Professional under Category-based Express Entry Draws

How to migrate to Canada as a Transportation Professional under Category-based Express Entry Draws

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Are you a transportation professional aspiring to move to Canada? In 2023, Canada has prioritized Transportation Occupations in its Express Entry program. Here’s a detailed guide on how transportation professionals can take advantage of this opportunity.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Express Entry Profile

  1. Show Your Interest: Create an online Express Entry profile in your IRCC Secure Account, highlighting your qualifications as a transportation professional.
  2. Placement in the Express Entry Pool: If eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, or Canadian Experience Class, you will be placed in the Express Entry pool.
  3. Check Your CRS Score: Your profile will be assigned a score in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Keep track of your score in your IRCC account.
  4. Eligible Candidates Identified for Transportation Occupations: Canada will identify eligible candidates for the Transportation Occupations category based on their Express Entry profiles.
  5. Ranking Your Express Entry Profile: Eligible candidates will be ranked based on their CRS scores, determining their position in the pool.
  6. Category-Based Round of Invitations: Canada will conduct a round of invitations, inviting top-ranking Transportation Professionals to apply for permanent residence. For 2023, the categories include French-language proficiency, Transportation occupations, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) occupations, Trade occupations, and Agriculture and agri-food occupations.
  7. Apply for Permanent Residence: If invited, submit your application within 60 days for a specific program in Express Entry.
  8. Decision on Your Application: A decision will be made based on program eligibility, profile accuracy, category eligibility, and admissibility.

Who Is Eligible as a Transportation Professional?

To be eligible for a category-based draw as a transportation professional, you must meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry, including eligibility for one of the three covered immigration programs.

Eligibility for Transportation Occupations Category:

To be eligible, you must:

  • Accumulate at least 6 months of full-time, continuous work experience in a single occupation listed in the provided Transportation Professional list.
  • Have this experience within the past 3 years in Canada or abroad.
  • Fulfill all requirements specified in the instructions for that round.

Transportation Professional Occupations:

  1. Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors
  2. Transport truck drivers
  3. Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators
  4. Engineer officers, water transport
  5. Deck officers, water transport
  6. Air traffic controllers and related occupations
  7. Air pilots, flight engineers, and flying instructors
  8. Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
  9. Railway carmen/women
  10. Managers in transportation


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