Home remedies for oily skin in Urdu

Home remedies for oily skin in Urdu

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Buy foundations containing titanium dioxide, a natural protector  from Sun.
Avoid products that have alcohol in them, especially SD40.
Kaolin is used in the foundations to prevent the formation of excess oil on your face.
Zinc oxide is the best foundation makeup for acne prone skin as it is anti-inflammatory.
Make sure it contains sericite, which reduces the appearance of pores and helps absorb excess oil.
Make sure you talk to a dermatologist before starting any diet or choosing the right skin makeup acne prone skin that is oily. Accutane or topical retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A, which have been proven to reduce the amount of oil the skin produces.
Home Remedies for Oily Skin Care

Apply makeup little as possible, your skin needs to breathe properly.
Clean your face daily with milk cleanser at least twice a day.
Moisturize with an oil-free lotion that contains SPF 30.
Use blotting paper to absorb excess oil. You can also use while you makeup.
If you must use soap to wash your face, use soap sulfur.
Avoid eating too much fatty foods
A diet rich in protein, lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits.
Know how to take care of your skin and use products will not only beneficial for the moment, but in the long term. Used as foundation for oily little as possible, it will last longer and will not have the heavy air as if it were hard on. If you are confused about how you should take to find the right makeup for you and the products that will suit your skin type, consult your dermatologist.

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