Corona virus is a thought

Corona virus is a thought

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Corona virus is a thought
We used to think that corona virus is a disease that does not differentiate between rich and poor and Hindu-Muslim, but after a lot of research it became clear that it is actually a thought and it is difficult to treat because it affects different people in different ways. she does.
Take for example those in India who do not like Muslims. You may be wondering who survived. But the truth is that there are many people who still swear by secularism but who listens to them in today’s environment? That is why we will not mention them.
The good thing about those who don’t like Muslims is that they dominate the social media and the media fills in whatever is left. Let’s face it, not everyone, but who listens to those who are not involved in this work? So what’s the point of wasting time on them?

So let’s start the story with the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Without going into too much detail, just understand that two Hindu sadhus and their driver were killed in a rural area as thieves.
In the same way that many Muslims have been killed in the name of cow smuggling. In the blink of an eye, the theory spread on social media that the killers were Muslims. When the state government felt that things could get worse, the Home Minister announced on Twitter that both the dead and the killers belonged to the same religion, but where does it end so easily? If the religion of the killer and the victim were the same, then what happened, if it could be different, and if it could be, then there is a prime time debate on TV.
This is the first principle of journalism. Every aspect of any story you cover should be reviewed, otherwise you may be accused of bias and if your credibility and impartiality are in doubt then why should anyone watch your channel? Will?

So a very popular TV channel debated the question that if the dead belonged to any minority (or simply put, they were Muslims) and the killers were Hindus, would they still consider themselves enlightened? Secular people who say ‘liberal’ would sit quietly!
Brother, if it had happened and he would have remained silent, there would have been an argument, but it was not so he did not say anything. These poor people talk less these days, forgive them. Now you have to run a channel and it costs money to report from the ground up so it makes sense why you have to debate. Therefore, some ideas are offered, when you have time for Hindu-Muslim issues, you will definitely pay attention.

For example, if the corona virus had not spread, should it have been locked down? Should the lockdown continue even after the virus has been overcome? Should the lockdown always continue because the virus can return at any time? Why weren’t the corona virus locked down all over the world before the cases came to light in China? And since that hasn’t happened, shouldn’t the Liberals resign?
 Brother Liberals, what should you resign from? Who asks them? But yes, you are also right that they do not hold any position, so what happened? If so, could they have resigned or not?

This is a multi-day supply, and when the time comes, we will focus on the price of oil in the United States. Heard that there (West Texas Intermediate) (WTI) oil prices have gone into the negative (ie companies are paying buyers to pick up May delivery).

The idea of ​​lowering the price of oil was so simple, why didn’t anyone come up with the idea before? Just locked down all over the world for a month and a half and the oil will start flowing like water in the streets. The argument may be that the lockdown will keep oil cheaper, and since vehicles will not run and factories will remain closed, the air will remain clean.
It has also been shown that the corona virus does not have the ability to think and understand, it can only spread. At the moment, like American oil, whatever you want to take, raise your hand and that’s enough.
And who is ahead of Muslims in extending a hand? When the government says that one third of the total cases of corona virus in India belong to the Tablighi Jamaat, many people feel bad because the patient is or should be only a patient, not a Hindu or a Muslim.

But where do people believe? In many Indian cities, Muslim patients or their relatives have targeted doctors and police teams, sometimes to avoid quarantine and sometimes to pray in congregation.
Wherever there has been folly from Muslims, they must be acknowledged, and at the same time an effort must be made to prevent it from happening again. Given the delicacy of the situation, not so many people should have gathered at the center of the Tablighi Jamaat, and those who had returned to their homes should have come forward for self-testing … but when should that happen?
Ever since I heard that Taraweeh has been allowed in Pakistan, I have come to believe that the corona virus infects different people in different ways. Neither the governments nor the people are safe from this, but religious leaders in India are now advising people to offer prayers in their homes even during Ramadan and not to go to mosques.

Two or three days ago, a video of a bazaar in Meerut went viral. It was a Muslim neighborhood and people were shopping as if there was a fair. Brother, buy only food and drink at the moment, if there is life, there will be a lot of time to buy bangles.
Corona virus may be a thought, but when it takes root in someone’s mind, then it is not possible to get rid of it completely like cancer for life. An example of this is given by a private hospital in Meerut where only cancer is treated. The hospital has published an advertisement in local newspapers asking Muslim patients and their carers to come for treatment only if they have a negative report of a corona virus test.

Police and government officials, doctors and Shiites are exempt from the lab report. The ad honors the Tablighi Jamaat and includes many objectionable things, but at the same time it is written that this decision has been made for the betterment of the Muslims themselves.
When the police filed the case, the owner of the hospital now says that his intention was not what people are thinking, but it could have been.


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