BROILER MAFIA by Khubaib Zafar

BROILER MAFIA by Khubaib Zafar

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Aren’t you people fed up of paying high prices for each of essential commodities of your life?
In the wake of corona virus,almost everyone is suffering and struggling hard. Meanwhile everyone is swindling best at his end.
The ponit is that the mafia is hiking up the prices day by day keeping in view the interset of people in it and occasion of Eid. Trust me, no one would die without enjoying chicken. Why are you letting that mafia to gain the ground? Why are you buying? what’s the compulsion?
Administrative officers work diligently and more actively to provide relief to people to ease the tensions pertaining to financial matters. They are trying to deal all these profiteers and adulterators with an iron hand. Its the time to stand with your government as government is working for people. Now people must act rationally by boycotting this Broiler mafia.

Khubaib Zafar


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