Neither teachers, nor parents, nor students are ready for online education

Neither teachers, nor parents, nor students are ready for online education

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Neither teachers, nor parents, nor students are ready for online education
Private schools in Pakistan have started online classes due to the lockdown, which has led various schools to reach out to students using different social media platforms.
However, in all of this, parents and teachers have been put in some difficulty due to their lack of knowledge of modern technology.
A teacher at a private school said on condition of anonymity that he had been instructed by the school to make a video of the lecture and upload it on the school’s YouTube channel. Interesting music and pictures should also be used to maintain.
The teacher says he is “stressed” because he doesn’t know how to upload videos to YouTube, and he doesn’t know how to edit.
 “They are given two days to do all this, which is very little for teachers like him,” said the teacher. He has also tried to enlist the help of professionals for the job, but according to him, he is demanding Rs 5,000 for editing.
“Schools should hire teachers according to their qualifications,” the teacher said. “She can give lectures like a class in a normal video, but things like that have added to her problems,” she said.
It should be noted that in those days, new classes were usually started and before the summer holidays, children were given courses after completing their courses, but now the situation is different due to the corona virus, and with teachers. At the same time, parents have to do everything they never thought possible.
Afsha Usman has two children and both are studying in a private school.
Speaking to Click Daily News, Afsha said, “School teachers will create groups on WhatsApp in which children are asked to do activities at home.” For which many efforts have to be made. “His education is intermediate and he doesn’t know much about Facebook and YouTube,” Afsha said.
“Private schools should provide activities to children in these circumstances that can be done easily,” Afsha said. He said that his daughter had got a project on Pakistani heroes in which her daughter had to play the role of Quaid-e-Azam for which she had to work hard to make things at home and make a video of her daughter. , It was just a project. There are many such tasks that are being given by teachers in groups.
“Before doing everything online, schools should have trained their parents first so that it would be easier for many parents like them who were not familiar with social media,” Afsha said.
On the other hand, the focal person of the Private Education Institute Regulatory Authority told Urdu News that “they have not asked any school to create a YouTube channel and upload lectures.” “They only made a policy for private schools that told them to start online classes,” he said.
“Schools are using Facebook, YouTube, or WhatsApp themselves,” he said. His organization did not instruct him to use any specific medium.
“They have told schools that in the current situation, children can be kept busy through reading, for which social media or other technologies can be used,” he said.
Due to the corona virus, the government has closed schools across the country until May 31.


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