Second Owner Of The Phone Can Access Your Naked Photos

Second Owner Of The Phone Can Access Your Naked Photos


It will be shocking news for us to know that our phone can’t forget our old memories that we have deleted before selling it. Recently researchers of Avast Computer Security made research for old data in our old Android phones. According to their research team the bought 20 Android phone from ebay online mobile shopping service and they got surprised that they restored back more than 40,000 photos of their old owners. There were personal naked images too in these phone that was deleted by old owners but after their recovering all data these photos were back in Phone.

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It is possible with some restoring software to recover all images of the owner even if the owner is using restore factory in the phone. In mostly Androids this security problem is really shocking for the users. Only few phone have not this problem they allow to delete index point data not that we can access directly.

Now its openly confessed that your personal images and persona date like credit card and home address can easily recovered by your phone. But now latest technology Android and IOs have complete data security system that is tough to hack by second person.


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