In Saudi Arabia, a new employment contract between an employer and a mercenary will take effect on Sunday, March 14. According to newspaper 24, the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has stated important points regarding the new employment contract

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According to the ministry, “the new employment contract will apply to all foreign workers in private companies and will be available on Abshar and Qawi platforms.”
“The launch of the new employment contract is aimed at bridging the gap between employers and employers, empowering the workforce, and making the Saudi labor market more attractive to talented people.”
The environment of competition between the international labor markets and the Saudi labor market and to raise the graph of the Saudi labor market in the international graph of competition.
Thanks to the new employment contract, the foreign worker can move from one organization to another without the approval of the employer.
The foreign worker can issue his / her exit entry himself / herself, but in doing so he / she has to inform the employer online.
A foreign worker can travel to Saudi Arabia without the employer’s approval upon completion of the employment contract.
The foreign worker must be employed by the employer for 12 months or the foreign worker must be included in the category of skilled according to the labor law. The employer and the employer must have a certified employment contract.
One year after the first arrival in Saudi Arabia, the foreign worker can change jobs before the end of the employment period, provided he abides by the conditions set out in the employment contract.
The condition is that he should not violate the labor law and should inform the employer 90 days before leaving the job.


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