How to earn from Twitter

How to earn from Twitter

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How to earn from Twitter complete method!!

 1 = You must have 500 followers

 2= โ€‹โ€‹Your account must be verified

 3= You should have 5M views in last 3 months.

 After that, you have to login to your account on Crown Browser and click on Monetization options

ย When you click on Monetization, two options will show

 1. Create a stripe account

 2 linked stripe accounts

 You have to click on the first option to create a Stripe account

 It has to be created from Twitter itself

 After that you have to add Gmail which is added in Twitter account

 After adding in G, you will click on Next, then the option to select Country will come

 I applied from South Korea, after that you should add your phone number, you can also add from Pakistan.

 Then you have to add your bank account in payout details

 If you are outside Pakistan, you can add the account number of any bank, provided that the routing number of the bank is mandatory, they can also search the routing number of their bank on Google.

 After that, you have to add your personal information in the platform setting below

 Remember that the account number should be from a foreign country

 Personal information means adding your name, address, city, date of birth and social security number

  Social security number does not mean your identity card number or SIM number, it is the NTN number of people who are abroad.

ย If you want to create a US Stripe account, then in it, name, address, sub-information, a US nationality holder who has a green card should give you his green card, then you can see and add all the information from there.

 If you don’t have US nationality meaning green card from somewhere then you should never select US country because without it there is no solution.

 Second you will create stripe account on apny twitter again remove bhi ni from twitter

 I selected South Korea when creating Stripe

 After that, I took South Korea’s I’d card from one of my loved ones, added the bank account there and added its complete information, then my Stripe account was completed.

 After which, a day later, Stripe also received the permit.

 If you don’t have a South Korean, I’d card and bank account, you can add the information of your acquaintance from another country and use his bank account.

 After that, they will ask you to add a website for business information

ย So you can add a friend from Pakistan to the website, this will create your Stripe account and start your career.

 All this information that I have shared with you is the same procedure that I have added to my account so that you can also earn thousands of rupees from Twitter.

ย If you don’t understand anything else, you can ask me more in this regard, I will explain the complete method


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