Best Content Marketing Formula for 2024

Best Content Marketing Formula for 2024

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Everything around us is content, agree?
Music, billboards, newspapers, LinkedIn posts, Instagram videos etc. That is what content is doing with us. We consume zillions of gigabytes of content every day!
61.4% of the world’s population uses social media. The average daily usage is approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes (October 2023).
Fact Check: Only on LinkedIn, one billion people consume content, and only 10 million, or 1% produce content. This means that every time you produce content and use proper intention (and strategy) chances of your content reach a lot of eyeballs is quite high!
Similar situation on other social media platforms too.
Hence the importance of effective content marketing.
My biggest focus is Personal Branding using content. In my experience, personal branding brings business and other opportunities.

In 2024, more and more content creators will be using AI.
Without any doubt, AI is reshaping content marketing. Creative professionals are thriving by embracing human-AI collaboration.
AI is revolutionizing content marketing on two fronts:
1. From generating content
2. Curating and optimizing content.
It is imperative to learn the AI’s power, you will save time, reduce inefficiencies, and can create personalized, high-volume content.
AI brings undeniable benefits, human eyes and brain power remains crucial. Explore how this collaboration turns every marketer into an effective content creator, ensuring quality and consistency to show the marketing magic!
Here is the secret Formula for content marketing in 2024 and beyond:
1. Content Creator are the real Marketers:
Content Creators are new marketers. They tell compelling stories, generate conversations and conversion.
2. Shift to Branding:
Successful content creators are focusing on branding and brand awareness.
3. Customer Focus:
Content created with a single focus works, “My Customer”. Write for customers. Address them, talk to them.
4. LinkedIn for Brand Building and Lead Conversion:
I love LinkedIn. Reason is simple, I can create all type of content on LinkedIn. It has helped me build a great community around me.
5. Micro-Influencers will Win:
I am all for supporting micro-influencers. They are awesome content creators. A lot of them have proved their value in 2023. Leverage the power of micro-influencers. They are more accessible, affordable and flexible.
6. Embrace the Power of AI:
As AI has disrupted the content marketing, the future is awesome for those who adapt and explore the symbiotic relationship between AI and human creativity.

PS: I help founders, CEOs and other corporate professionals in their brand building on LinkedIn. I can help you too, and am pretty affordable 😉


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