Registration of An Apprenticeship In UK Gov

Registration of An Apprenticeship In UK Gov

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GOV.UK is a United Kingdom public sector information website, created by the Government Digital Service to provide a single point of access to HM Government services. HMG stands for “Her Majesty’s Government (HMG)”, which attributes of the British Government, is the United kingdom central government of Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Her Majesty’s Government phrase is a term which refers to the rule of Commonwealth government or states, constituent provinces and territories. This phrase is integrated and inherited in those countries which originate from the polity.

Beside other information on all public sectors, GOV.UK is giving its young students the opportunity of apprenticeship in England. The student must be 16 years old or over, living in England and not currently in full-time education. You can link apprenticeship in other parts of the country too.

Before applying for the apprenticeship, you must register yourself for following vacancies of apprenticeship in the country.


The registration process is simple. You need to add your personal details in boxes as mentioned. As you register yourself with valid information in the given boxes, the companies which are registered will  be updated with new user information and they will contact you if your resume match with the require positions. All information must be correct and updated. It would be easy for the companies to contact its users if they find any opportunities of Apprenticeship in a country.

Steps To Register

  1. Go to the link
  2. Click on the “START NOW”
  3. On Apprenticeship vacancies page, click on the Sign In located at the right side of the page.
  4. If you have already registered yourself, enter your username and password.
  5. If you are a new user then Click on “REGISTER NOW” and Skip step 4.
  6. Under the REGISTER YOUR DETAILS, write First Name, Middle Name, Surname and Date Of Birth in boxes.
  7. Under Contact Details, write your activate email address so that they could send a confirmation email of your account on your mentioned email address.
  8. Confirm your email address by typing the same email address as above. This would become your username.
  9. Enter Post Code, if you do not know your Post code, then click on the ROYAL MAIL SITE for finding your postcode. This will fill up the address of your area.
  10. Enter your contact number, which could be phone, mobile or work number. The number should be correct, so that you could get calls in time as new vacancies updated.
  11. You can tick the Box if you do not have any contact number.
  12. Under Login Details, Enter Username, Password and Confirm password in the box given.
  13. Under AREA OF INTEREST, write your first Area of Interest as occupation type of your choice, in which you are willing to apply for apprenticeship.
  14. Enter Job Role
  15. Under your Second Area of Interest, write Occupation type.
  16. Enter Job Role
  17. Check the box after reading Terms and Conditions
  18. You can check the other box if you are willing to receive useful information about other vacancies and related updates or information.
  19. Click Register.


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