James Bond’s “SPECTRE” script leaked by Sony Entertainment Pictures

James Bond’s “SPECTRE” script leaked by Sony Entertainment Pictures


Last week the news splash capture the eye balls when many celebrities and online gaming websites claim to be hacked by Lizard Squad. Various data and information as bank accounts and illegal information were leaked by the hackers. Sony Pictures publish sorry note on the site for their users and tried to maintain the privacy. Now another victim get press attention as James Bond’s upcoming series “SPECTRE” has lost its script in hacking. The script published on site. The producer of the film claimed that their forth coming screenplay Daniel Craig 007, a spy film is among the most sensitive date which was accessed illegally by hackers. “It was alarming as script might be online published. The “Eon Productions, James Bond films producers, acknowledge that script of Bond new series “SPECTRE” is now among those stolen material which is illegally hacked by hackers who have leaked the Sony Pictures Entertainment systems.

In conversation with the media the EON Bond productions give statement:

“Eon Productions is concerned that third parties who have received the stolen screenplay may seek to publish it or its contents.”

The filming of Spectre would begin this month after director Sam Mendes and producer Barbara Broccoli disclose the cast, new car and title. The cast include Craig with Christoph Waltz, and Sherlock’s Andrew Scot. The movie was expected to be released on November 6th, 2015.

The franchise of Bond is among the most profitable source for Sony Pictures. Its last installment name as Skyfall give $1.1 billion all over the world which is more grossing movie than Bonds other films.

The hackers “Guardians of Peace” started their hacking from Sony last month, leaked four films, and several important documents and created fuss for the films Spider-Man. They also leaked the emails of top executives and producers, celebrity phone numbers and their projects details. The actors like Daniel Craig and Tom Hanks are among the victims of unrecognized hackers.

Mendes said in his England Presentation:

“I was so excited to tell this story but to explain why, I would have to tell you the plot and I can’t do that,”

In a response a spokesman from Sony claimed that cyber attack news about stopping the productions of films like SPECTRE is misguided.

“Productions are still moving forward,” Robert Lawson told Reuters.


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