How to exercise to stay fit by fasting?

How to exercise to stay fit by fasting?

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How to exercise to stay fit by fasting?
If you want to continue your fasting routine but are worried about how to do it, here is some advice from Devendra Bains, a trainer and nutrition coach in Dubai.
According to Arab News, Devendra Bains has said that first of all, it is important to decide when to exercise, and the time should be when you are not full.
Devendra Bains says that the best time is after iftar, but at that time your stomach should not be too full, that is, you should go for exercise after eating iftar with light things and eat food later.
If you can get up early in the morning, the second best time is before dawn, and if you are accustomed to exercising on an empty stomach, this can be done before iftar, but it can cause dehydration.
What to eat?
If your heart wants to eat carbohydrates before and after training to restore energy, use vegetables or things that contain fiber instead of rice or pasta. Also, use protein to keep your muscles strong, for which you can eat meat, pulses and beans and drink protein shakes.
Immune training
During fasting, the body uses stored carbohydrates and proteins for energy, which can weaken your muscles. Training with light weights or bodyweights strengthens these muscles. You can do push-ups and sit-ups or do chest and shoulder exercises with less weight.
Training for the heart
Do not run or jog during fasting as this will quickly deplete the glycogen stored in your body and the body will ask for protein, so it is better to take a walk before breaking the fast.
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